Let’s Ruck!

I recently got into rucking. Rucking is when you put weights or other heavy objects in your backpack and walk with that resistance. I’ve been doing extensive research on rucking to see if it’s worth my time. Based on research and actually trying it, I believe it’s worthy of your time. Rucking is walking on steroids. The benefits you get from walking like fat loss, endurance, mental clarity, and stress relief also applies to rucking. In fact, I’ve heard claims that rucking can help you burn three times as much calories as walking. Rucking also strengthens your core, traps, and shoulders because those muscles are activated in order to handle the weight.

I usually go rucking every Saturday for an hour as a form of active recovery. I feel amazing after because I no longer have the burden of weighs on my back. I have more mental clarity because I  get to go outside. Rucking is a mental exercise as well because it takes mental toughness to walk a long distance with weights strapped onto your body. It’s a great way to boost your willpower. Why do you think rucking is prevalent in the military?

I have to warn you. There’s risks involved with rucking just like any other form of exercise. If you’re going to take part in rucking, it’s best that you get the right gear. It’s recommended that you wear boots to lower the stress on your feet but I usually wear well-fitting running shoes. I use a regular backpack as my rucksack to save money. To avoid stress on my lower back, I use a belt to pull my backpack higher up on my body. To play it safe, it’s best to use an actual ruck sack. A weighted vest is also good and will probably distribute the weight more evenly on your body. You might get some weird looks walking around with a weighted vest or a large back pack but the results are well worth it. I’d recommend rucking if you want to maintain muscle and lose fat.

Author: Chris Ameto

I'm passionate about health and fitness. I want to use my personal experience and countless hours of research to help you reach your fitness goals.

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