The Beauty Of Fitness

Fitness is a form of art. Regardless of what type of exercise you’re doing, you’re creating art. Like types of art, there are many forms of fitness. Transforming your body is similar to how an architect creates a new structure. We often marvel at what we see from professional athletes and dancers on TV. The graceful movement they exhibit is a form of art. The gym itself is a wonderful place. There’s a lot of funny characters that go there but there’s something beautiful about the gym. It’s a place that’s filled with people that are trying to better themselves.

Seeing someone else work hard drives me to work hard. Seeing someone perform incredible feats in the gym shows that the human body is capable of amazing things. It makes me curious to see what amazing things I could do with my body. Just like any great work of art, it takes time to create  better version of your body. When the end results come, people often marvel at what they see. Just remember that people on the outside may appreciate the art you’ve created with your body but your approval is what ultimately matters.I hope all my fitness lovers remember that ultimately, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Whether it’s dancing, powerlifting, bodybuilding or martial arts, choose the type of art that you want to be a part of your life.

” Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor” – Alexis Carrel.

Author: Chris Ameto

I'm passionate about health and fitness. I want to use my personal experience and countless hours of research to help you reach your fitness goals.

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