Choose Five Exercise Movements

If you could only do five exercise moves for the rest of your life, what would you choose? Walking doesn’t count because you can walk anywhere. You can walk to the kitchen. You can walk to the bathroom and you can walk to your car. When choosing five exercise moves, I want to incorporate different types of movements and different muscles. I’m sure I’ve left out a lot of great movements but the five I’m choosing are based off of my personal experience. As I continue my fitness journey, I might find some exercises to replace with the ones on this list.Here’s my combination of five exercises. It’s in no particular order.

Leopard Crawl: The Leopard Crawl is a cross-crawl movement done on the floor. It has been popularized by Tim Anderson of Original Strength. I chose the Leopard Crawl because it incorporates the same muscles as the bench press such like the chests, triceps, and shoulders. I’ve also noticed improvement in bicep strength from doing this move. The Leopard Crawl has also improved my posture tremendously because when doing this move properly, your hips sink lower than your shoulders and your neck is facing up. This move is also great for core strength. The Leopard Crawl will also improve your mobility. This dynamic movement has improved my coordination and made my Central Nervous System more efficient.

Here’s a link to the site I learned this movement from:

Deadlift: I chose deadlifts because it’s the ultimate strength building exercise. It works every muscle in your body. The deadlift transfers to other areas in your life like playing sports and picking up furniture.

Barbell Back Squat: I chose the barbell back squat because I love how it makes me feel. It feels great to overcome a force that is  trying to keep you down. The squat builds physical and mental toughness. It’s also the best exercise to develop leg strength and muscle if you’re using proper form.

Sprints: Similar to walking, you can do sprints in your regular life. Whether that comes from running from a stray dog or chasing the bus. Jokes aside, I chose sprints because of the fat loss benefits it provides. Sprints also teach your body to move fast in case you do have to chase the bus or you’re playing sports. I’ve been in the best shape when I consistently did sprints.

Farmers Walk: I chose the Farmers Walk because of the strength benefits it provides. I’m a big believer in the idea that the stronger you are, the easier everything else is. Doing Farmers Walks is the “easiest” way to get stronger. The Farmers Walk teaches my body how to stabilize itself. The Farmers Walk will also prepare you for situations in which you have to carry something heavy over a distance. You can manipulate the weight and distance used for Farmers Walks if you want to get stronger or burn fast. At the very least, the Farmers Walk will make you more efficient at carrying groceries to your house.

Bonus: It hurts a little not to include the barbell hang clean because it’s a fantastic total body movement that teaches your body how to move explosively. I’m at the beginner stage with this movement but maybe I’ll replace one of the moves I chose once I get more proficient at Hang Cleans.

If you could only do five exercises, what would you choose?


Author: Chris Ameto

I'm passionate about health and fitness. I want to use my personal experience and countless hours of research to help you reach your fitness goals.

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