Winners Do Cardio

If you’re not doing some type of cardio, you’re missing out! It has several health benefits that go beyond burning fat . For me, cardio is also a great way to improve muscle recovery. Cardio gets blood flowing throughout your body. As someone who does a lot of heavy lifting, I can feel the relief in my body after a long cardio session. The blood flow from cardio reduces soreness and the stiffness caused by lifting. I also notice that I don’t recover as well from my workouts if I don’t get enough cardio in my workouts.

Everyone knows the typical ways of doing cardio such as high intensity interval training and jogging. If you’re not a fan of conventional cardio workouts, below are some other ways to get in a satisfying cardio workout.

Alternative Forms of Cardio

Sports: Playing sports is a great way to get in a get cardio workout. Assuming you like the sport, you’ll be having fun as well so it won’t feel like a workout. If you’re not physically ready to play competitive sports, you can do less intense sports activities like shooting some jumpshots or tossing a football with a friend.

Walking: Walking is a natural part of human movement. You can walk around around your neighborhood, walk to the grocery store, to the park, etc. You can treat walking like a means of transportation so it doesn’t feel like a workout.

Bag Work: If you’ve been following this blog, you’d know that I’m a big fan of bag work. It provides a good cardio workout and promotes mental health. Hitting the bag for five minutes won’t make your precious muscles disappear. It might actually support muscle growth since you’ll be generating force when throwing punches.

Random Activities: You treat random activities as cardio as well. Join a dance class, skateboard. Even doing yard work will have a cardiovascular effect on your body. Find an activity that keeps you moving and gets blood pumping in your body. You can treat these as activities rather than workouts.

I made this post to talk about cardio for recovery, so try to avoid any cardio activities that will sabotage your goals. If you have a knee injury, playing a sport probably won’t be the best option for you. Training a marathon won’t help you if your main goal is to build strength and muscle. Do activities that are appropriate to your body and support your goals.

There are several ways to get in a cardio workout that aren’t mentioned in this post. There’s no excuse not to get in some type of cardio. All it takes is some dedication and creativity. What are your favorite forms of cardio?

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Find Peace By Getting Violent

This post offers a way to improve your mental and physical health. It has the potential to make the world a better place.

Fitness has always been an outlet for me to express myself. Different movements are forms of human expression. One of the most basic ways people express themselves is through anger. I believe connecting with your violent side will lead to greater joy in life. Fitness is the way to do that. One of the best ways to express yourself is to hit a punching bag. From my experience, I’ve felt so much at peace with myself after a few rounds hitting the bag. It’s a great feeling. You get to let your frustrations out on the bag.

A lot of problems nowadays come from people keeping in their emotions. Eventually those emotions can turn into something ugly. It can lead to you losing your cool over the smallest thing. It can lead to unnecessary road rage. By hitting the bag, you can let out those emotions in a productive way and you’ll be at peace with yourself. Staying angry about something that happened won’t change anything. All it’ll do is make you miserable. Hitting the bag is a productive way to face those feelings

Your girlfriend left you? Hit the bag

Family problems? Hit the bag

Your boss is a jerk? Hit the bag

Your neighbors dog bit you? Hit the bag

I usually do this at the end of my workout. I set a timer for five minutes and start hitting the bag. I punch at different levels of speed and  from different angles. I work on different combinations. This is a great workout finisher. You can also do this as a separate workout by doing multiple sets of five minute rounds. At the end of it, you’ll feel a sense of relaxation. You’ll feel like the shit that made you upset was meaningless. This is how I usually feel after my bag sessions.


Aside from the therapeutic effects of this workout, you’ll also be getting in some great cardio. You can use as steady rate cardio by keeping the same pace throughout the round(s) or do a high intensity approach by switching speeds. This beats running on the treadmill any day.

You’ll also become a better athlete as a result of doing bag work. Bag work will help improve your punching abilities if you ever have to throw a punch in real life. It won’t make you a world class fighter but it’ll definitely help. At the very least, you’ll have more confidence in your ability to throw a punch. Bag work if done properly will teach you how to generate power from your lower body to your upper body. Most of the power from punches come from your glutes.


Before engaging in bag work, make sure you have proper technique. Wrecklessly punching a heavy bag can lead to wrist, elbow, or shoulder injuries. I’ve learned the hard way in the past. If you’re able to wrap your hands up before putting them in the glove, that’ll reduce the risk of wrist injuries.

Hit The Bag!

If you want towards inner peace while getting a good cardio workout, hit the bag ! A lot of unnecessary violence can be prevented if people have an outlet to express their emotions. Aggressive forms of fitness like hitting a punching bag can provide that outlet. I hope this article reaches the right person.


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Sprints, Sprints, and more Sprints

Faster than a speeding bullet! Was that Superman? No that’s you in the middle of a sprint workout. Weightlifting is the only form of exercise that can compare to sprints in terms of body transformation. The way it makes me feel is phenomenal. There are many benefits like increase in testosterone, better nutrient partitioning, and an endorphin boost.The freedom you feel when you’re running at full speed in open space is almost unrivaled. Sprinting can transform your body.

Have you ever seen a fat sprinter? Sprinting is arguably the best fat loss exercise on the planet. You’re burning fat while sprinting and hours after you’re done. Sprinting will develop your leg muscles as well.Sprinting is also great for sports performance. Speed kills in sports and there’s various sprinting drills depending on your sport.

Here’s a list of the Sprinting protocols I’ve used:

Hill Repeats for fat-loss: Find a steep hill and do 3 sets of 7 hill sprints with 1 minute rest in between. Depending on your conditioning levels you can start at 5 repetitions or go all the way up to 10 repetitions per set.

35 Yard Sprints for power development:One set of twelve repetitions of a 35 meter sprint. After each repetition you’ll rest for 10 seconds. It’s a good workout when you’re in a time crunch. I’ve noticed an improvement in my deadlift power when I’ve incorporated this protocol in my routine.

100 meter sprint for total body transfromation: Do a 100 meter sprint and walk back to the starting spot. Once you get back, repeat the sprint. Keep repeating til you do ten sprints.

400-300-200-100 : This protocol involves doing a sequence of sprints for different distances. First, you’ll do a 400 meter sprint followed by 4 minutes of rest. Then it’ll be a 300 meter sprint with 3 minutes of rest. Followed by a 200 minute sprint with 2 minutes of rest. You’ll finally finish with a 100 meter sprint. This protocol will have you gasping for air like nothing else.

Like any form of exercise make sure you’re physically ready before doing sprints. If you’re not used to sprinting, I’d reccomend doing hill repeats first as they’re the safest form of sprints because you’re not moving at high speed. This will help you work on your sprinting form and develop sprinting muscles like the hamstrings, glutes, and calves.

Go Sprint and reap the benefits!

Let’s Ruck!

I recently got into rucking. Rucking is when you put weights or other heavy objects in your backpack and walk with that resistance. I’ve been doing extensive research on rucking to see if it’s worth my time. Based on research and actually trying it, I believe it’s worthy of your time. Rucking is walking on steroids. The benefits you get from walking like fat loss, endurance, mental clarity, and stress relief also applies to rucking. In fact, I’ve heard claims that rucking can help you burn three times as much calories as walking. Rucking also strengthens your core, traps, and shoulders because those muscles are activated in order to handle the weight.

I usually go rucking every Saturday for an hour as a form of active recovery. I feel amazing after because I no longer have the burden of weighs on my back. I have more mental clarity because I  get to go outside. Rucking is a mental exercise as well because it takes mental toughness to walk a long distance with weights strapped onto your body. It’s a great way to boost your willpower. Why do you think rucking is prevalent in the military?

I have to warn you. There’s risks involved with rucking just like any other form of exercise. If you’re going to take part in rucking, it’s best that you get the right gear. It’s recommended that you wear boots to lower the stress on your feet but I usually wear well-fitting running shoes. I use a regular backpack as my rucksack to save money. To avoid stress on my lower back, I use a belt to pull my backpack higher up on my body. To play it safe, it’s best to use an actual ruck sack. A weighted vest is also good and will probably distribute the weight more evenly on your body. You might get some weird looks walking around with a weighted vest or a large back pack but the results are well worth it. I’d recommend rucking if you want to maintain muscle and lose fat.

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