This is Why I lift

( Short Read). This post is about my reasons for lifting weights and why it’s important for you to have a why when it comes to fitness.

As someone who’s very active, I do different types of activities. Weight lifting, yoga, and sprints are some of the forms of exercise I’m familiar with. Out of all of them I’d say weight lifting is my favorite. I enjoy the feeling of moving heavy weights and having my muscles work hard.

Why do you lift? Some people lift for health purposes. Some people lift because they think it’ll help them get girls. I lift for several reasons that go beyond getting stronger. Some of those reasons include:

  • I lift because it gives me a way to channel my aggression
  • I lift because it gives me more confidence in my physical abilities
  • I lift because it brings me peace even when life is chaotic
  • I lift because I enjoy feeling healthy and full of energy
  • I lift because it keeps me young
  • I lift because I like being happy with what I see in the mirror
  • I lift because it makes my joints feel stronger
  • I lift because it makes me better in other physical activities

The main reason I lift is because I love lifting. It’s that simple. When you love doing something, you always find a way to do it. I’ve lifted when I’ve been under the weather. I’ve lifted after hectic days. I’ve lifted after getting little sleep. I obviously modified my workouts based on conditions so I can keep my body healthy.

The idea of this post is the importance of having a why. Having a why adds passion to what you’re doing. If you can’t think of a reason to work out, do it simply because you love your body . As you continue making exercise a habit, you’ll find additional whys. You’ll find the exercises that ignite your passion. Passion is so important. The people who achieve the best results are the ones who not only have talent and knowledge but also have passion for what they’re doing. Having passion for something you’re doing is like pouring gasoline on a lit match. Amazing things happen when you put passion into what you’re doing.

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Don’t Give Up

This post is about the importance of not giving up when you face challenges in your fitness journey.

One thing my fitness journey has taught me is to not give up. Since fitness is a journey, the only way to get great results is to keep going.

If you have a big fitness goal like squatting 400 pounds or being able to run a marathon, it’s going to take time. On your journey to achieving that goal you may face challenges. Giving up is the last thing you should do. Imagine if a toddler gave up because he kept falling when learning how to walk. Imagine if Usain Bolt gave up because he lost a race when he was younger. Giving up will prevent you from reaching your potential and achieving greatness.

Like many lifters and fitness junkies, I’ve faced challenges on my journey. I’ve missed lifts, I’ve faced plateaus, and even dealt with injuries. By not giving up, I’m now the strongest I’ve ever been. Not giving up during my fitness journey taught me not to give up when I face challenges in life. Also, those challenges that I faced on my journey taught me some valuable lessons. So when you face challenges, embrace them as learning experiences. You’ll not only increase your chances of achieving your goals but you’ll also gain new levels of confidence and mental toughness.

I believe fitness is a perfect analogy to life overall. The character growth you experience in your fitness journey can and will transfer to other areas of your life. Plus refusing to give up is like flipping the middle finger to any setbacks or challenges you face! When you face challenges in fitness or in life, DON’T GIVE UP!

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The Beauty of Fitness Part 2.

Fitness has a therapeutic  power. When I’m working out the world stops. Nothing else matters. There’s no boss, teacher, kids, wife, bills, etc. All that matters is the workout I’m doing. You have the choice of what you want to do. You can lift weights or do some sprints if you want to release some pent up energy. You can do some yoga if you need to cool down and de-stress. Working out is a form of self-expression just like singing and painting. As a form of self-expression, fitness gives you the extra strength necessary to get through your daily routine. I once heard the phrase “expression is the opposite of depression”. How can you be depressed when you’re doing something you love and have an outlet to express your emotions? Fitness is life saving.

Fitness has  a transformative power as well. The confidence you gain from overcoming physical challenges can be transferred to other aspects of your life. When you can move past your comfort zone in a workout and do something you never thought you could do, it opens your eyes to the great things you can do in other aspects of your life. Whether you suffer an injury or fail on a lift, you have to continue your fitness journey if it’s something that means a lot to you. This is a metaphor for when you face adversity in life. A lot of lessons that you learn in your fitness journey apply to life as well. Regardless of how you do it, working out will help you be a better version of yourself in all aspects of life.

” Exercise should be regarded as tribute to the heart ” – Gene Tunney

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