Take It Outside

This post is about the benefits of adding outdoor workouts to your fitness routine.

As much as I love being in the gym and pushing myself with weights, I can’t forget about the outdoors. I’ve always felt a different type of energy when training outdoors. There’s something liberating about being out in open space and moving freely.

The gym is great but there are rules. When you’re outdoors, you make your own rules as long as it’s not illegal. You don’t want to get arrested for the sake of working out. When you’re outdoors, you can move freely. You can do whatever you want

My Outdoor Workout:

Since the weather got nice, I’ve been going on walks from time to time. I think it’s time to pick up the intensity. Time to do sprints! I’ll still go to the gym a couple times a week cause I love lifting. I’m just ready to add some sprints to my routine.

For anyone that hasn’t ran sprints in a while or ever, the best way to get in the groove is by doing hill sprints. You’re less likely to get hurt with hill sprints since your body won’t be able to move as fast as it would during regular sprints . Once you can run hills, you can run anywhere. I used to run hills as a conditioning tool but I plan on using it for strength and power. Rather than doing high reps, low sets for conditioning, I’ll do low reps, high sets for power. When you train outside, you find creative ways to exercise.

From my experience, I’ve gotten the best results when I incorporated outdoor workouts.

Adding outdoor workouts will spice up your routine. Sometimes being in the gym all the time can get stagnant. I find myself more enthusiastic about my lifting routines when I’m mixing in outdoor workouts to my routine.

Training outside just makes you happier. Have you ever seen the joy kids have when they run outside for recess? Humans are meant to be outside. It’s in our nature. When you train outside, you reconnect with who your true self. You connect with nature. When you train outside, you’ll become a better athlete. You most likely won’t have any weights with you. It’s just you and your body.

When you train outside, you’ll gain a new level of mental toughness. The more intense your outdoor workout is, the better. Bringing that mental toughness to the gym, will put you at another level. I’m speaking from experience when I say this.

By training outdoors when it’s nice, don’t be surprised if you end up doing outdoor workouts in the winter. You won’t care whether it’s cold, warm, or hot. You probably won’t train outside as often during the winter but there will be days that nothing can stop you.

Closing Thoughts

Reignite your passion for fitness by training outdoors. I’m not saying to ditch the gym because beautiful things happen when you step in that building. You should definitely add outdoor workouts to your routine. I feel like the best way to use your workouts to maximize health and fitness is to do both indoor and outdoor workouts.

You can run hills, use the monkey bars at a playground, or go for a hike. Just find something that supports your goals and see the tremendous benefits of training outdoors.

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The Body is The Temple

( Short Read) This article is about the importance of taking care of your body.

The Body is the temple. You only have one body so you should treat it well.  We often take our bodies for granted If you care about your ultimate well being, you’ll take good care of your body. Taking care of your body is the ultimate act of self-love . You can take of your body without being obsessed. Don’t stress out about every tiny detail of your health and fitness routine. You still have to enjoy your life. The to anything is balance and moderation. Do things that make your boy feel good in the short and long-term. Your body follows you everywhere you go so you might as well have a good relationship with it.

To maximize the health of your body,  you must:

Lift weights so your body can handle external forces

Do yoga so your body can be mobile and less likely to get injured

Eat healthy and nutritious foods so you have the energy to do activities

Sleep well so your body can perform at it’s best

Do cardio so your most important muscle ( your heart ) gets worked

Meditate so you can conquer illness causing stress

Have fun so your body can produce health boosting hormones

Rest so your body doesn’t break down from all the activities you do


Closing Thoughts

When you have a strong and healthy body you’re ahead of the game. You have more energy, toughness, and confidence. You’re also happier because you just feel good. When you combine a strong, healthy body with a powerful midset, you can take over the world!


Photo by panther sohi from Pexels

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